Mission And Vision

  • Satisfying the end consumer and conquering world markets, using top quality and technology and creating food with perfect taste.
  • Expanding the product range, following the world trends for the production of healthy food and developing the brands of McRobin.
Short Biography

McRobin has existed for 10 years and in its many years of existence has created products for every taste and for all generations. The diverse production world of McRobin started 10 years ago. Until 2010, it satisfied the different tastes of different generations, with a number of different flavors of Flips. Already in 2010, it started producing popcorn, a healthy and tasty snack, which covers several generations. But McRobin's ambition does not stop there, so in 2016 it starts producing pellet chips, with several different flavors and chocolate wafers, products that contributed to achieving the set goal and idea. Today McRobin has a wide range of products with about 50 types of packaging. Today McRobin is already a leader on the Macedonian market in the food industry. On the domestic market McRobin is already well positioned, while on foreign markets it sells about 48% of its annual production in several countries, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Germany, Albania, Bulgaria and others.

Why Choose Us?

Today, MCROBIN products are marketed under two brands: Opss and Chips King, in several variants, such as peanut-flavored flips, corn, ketchup, hot peppers, taco, cheese, chicken, toy flips, then pellet chips with more flavors. In 2010 we started producing popcorn and fried and salted peanuts, also under the Opss brand.

Sweet Program

The determination to constantly create new products in 2016 resulted in us entering the production of a so-called sweet program, which includes several types of Rolls waffles with different flavors and different packaging. Roll waffles are with chocolate filling, then with hazelnut, coconut and cherry flavored filling.

Snack Products

The unique Snacks are now combined with notorious salty roasted peanuts, offering a savory snack that can be enjoyed in each moment of the day and shared with everyone! The round corn puffs have a surprising crunchy texture that will create the perfect combination for this savory snack.
Flips made from corn meal, which is Free Gluten and 0% Trans Fats.


Popcorn is a delicious, healthy snack that many people love to enjoy! PopCorn is one of McRobin's most in-demand products. With its freshness and flavor appealing to everyone, won everyone's favor. It contains only salt and vegetable oil in its structure, it contains less calories.